The Future 
of St. Peter’s Square

The 21st Century vision for St. Peter’s Square is for it to become a world-class defining component in Manchester’s Civic and new business Quarter; a wholly integrated, pedestrianised square which lives and breathes dynamism, confidence and creativity.

Manchester City Council has invested £185 million to create a new public Square for the future as well as a transformation and redevelopment of Library Walk, Central Library and Town Hall Extension. The Square includes a Metrolink hub for the converging Second City Crossing.

St. Peter’s Partnership

St Peter’s Partnership is a community led organisation, made up of local land-owners and stakeholder organisations. It brings people together to promote a range of community initiatives which aim to tackle some of the underlying and long-term difficulties of the regeneration area. Its vision is to ensure that the experience and expertise gained through the regeneration programme has a lasting benefit on the community.